Portraits - People

The Experience 
Portrait sessions will be held at a location of your choice, using mostly natural light.  If you are unsure of a good location, we will work together to find a suitable place. Sessions generally last between 1-2 hours.   The focus can be just you or it can include your partner or other family members, including any pets.  

I would usually take pictures of you as individuals and as a group.

Pet photoshoot

The Experience

Dogs are best photographed outdoors, running about and playing, and I would suggest that we photograph your pooch in a park or the beach.  It works best if you can bring a few toys that your dog is familiar with.  We will try a number of different things until we have some nice pictures - this may be your dog sitting, running or jumping, and will depend on their mood and behaviour on the day.  A doggy photoshoot will usually last 30-60 minutes.  If you do want your dog photographed at home, that is also possible.  I can also photograph cats, lizards and other animals at home.

What happens after the photos have been taken
Within 2 weeks of your session, you will receive link to a private online gallery where you will be able to download low resolution photos (which are included in the price and suitable for sharing on social media but not suitable for good quality printing e.g. on canvases),  place orders for any high resolution downloads (so that you can print your own photos - these will cost £10 each), or order any prints you want.  You will be able to share a link to the gallery with friends and relatives. All photos are lightly edited and will be available in 2 colour schemes.  I don't guarantee a particular number of images as that will vary for each photoshoot.

The Prices

Portrait :  £60 - for one person - includes 5* low res downloads    For each additional person, please add £20 

Pet Photoshoot  : £60  - includes 5* low res downloads.  For each additional pet, please add £10

High res downloads : £10 each (You will need these if you want to print canvases, or prints yourself) 

Prints & more : Various prices from £5 

*Guide number, not guaranteed.  Most likely to be more than this, but occasionally could be less. 

If you want any other sort of package or photoshoot, that will be fine - just contact me and let me know what you'd like and we can take it from there !